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Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World
Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World

London, ON

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“Let each citizen contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in the community.” 

Michael Tellinger
Contributionism in higher consciousness

It's time for change

We can no longer sit idly by watching the destruction of our countries, our towns and human potential, by greedy corporations, supported by governments with no remorse for their actions, or accountability to the people they are supposed to serve. We can no longer sit silently, hoping that someone will do something to stop this assault on our liberties and future prosperity.

It has fallen on the shoulders of us, the common people, to unite and create a new way…a new system…a future filled with hope & beauty for ourselves and our children.

We are creating a totally new system where we turn competition into collaboration…a new social structure where we all benefit from our collective efforts and individual talents… a new world where people are put before profits, and the resources & materials are used to enrich all our lives.

UBUNTU thrives because all our resources & materials are used to support the people, who in turn then support their own towns & communities by creating materials, products & services which enrich the lives of everybody. Within UBUNTU everyone is an integral part of their community, everyone is contributing something & everyone feels needed.

Every single one of us is born with valuable & unique gifts & talents that could be used to improve the lives of everyone around them, but instead these gifts are wasted in mundane week-long positions of servitude making profits for those wealthier than ourselves. Everything you see around you, from the cars to the kettles, started in the mind of a human; it was all designed, built, wrapped and delivered by humans or human-created machines. Your trainers, your smart phone, the jewelry you wear, your flatscreen, your entire home, all created by people for people, so why do so many have so little?

The people are the gifts, the people are the power, the genius, the brilliance, the vision that has created everything we see around us. We are told all the problems facing us are inevitable, that war, hunger & poverty are symptoms of the human condition & we need governments to protect us from ourselves, but this is just a lie to disempower us! ALL the decay, hunger, fear & lack surrounding us is the direct results of the parasites profiteering off of us, which includes the governments we are told are there to serve us.

The first stage of the contributionist initiative is to create food & income generating projects within a community, all run by the power of the community members. Im this case … we are Ubuntu London Ontario aka Contribute and Thrive aka C & T.


Imagine a perfect world full of harmony and abundance. The kind of world most of us have dreamed of all our lives.

This world is possible and we are creating it for ourselves – not somewhere in the distant future, but now, in our own lifetime.

We are the ones we have been waiting for